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Enameled copper Round Wire

Model: Q(ZY/XY)-2/200 , PEW/200


EmTherm 200, is polyesterimide enameled copper wire belonging in HC (200°C) thermal class, able to be manufactured in the diameter range of 0.05 –2.50 mm.


Technical details


       IEC 60317-0-1:2014铜线封面图 200-450x450.jpg


Insulation Coatings  : Polyester imide 200

Dimensions               : 0.05mm to 2.50mm 


      Suitable for automated soldering equipment used for 

     production/manufacturing of small motors, transformers,

     relays and magnet coils.

    Mechanical Properties (For 0.3mm)

Elongation                         : >30%

Springiness                      :<50

Adherence – Flexibility:    Excellent

Resistance to Abrasion :    >67.75N


Electrical Properties

Breakdown Voltage:          7kV


Thermal Properties

Temperature Index:           200

Cut through:                     ≥ 225 ℃

Heat Shock:                       ≥360 ℃


Chemical Properties

Solvent Test:                 4H

Solderability:                390°

Resistance to Refrigerants : -


Bare Conductor – Copper Characteristics (Annealed Condition)

Electrical Resistivity @ 20°C 0.017241Ωmm²/m Temperature Coefficient @ 20°C : 0.00694°C Specific Weight : 8.89 Gr/cm³ Ultimate Tensile Strength : 22-30 kg/mm²

Primary Insulation Colour : Transparent / Natural




UL Certification
SGS Report
ISO9000 Certification