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220 Aluminum Enameled Round Wire

Model: Q(ZY/XY)L-1,2,3/220, EI/AIW/220


YD  220AL, is polyesterimide enamelled aluminum wire belonging in high temperature (220°C) thermal class, able to be manufactured in the diameter range of 0.20 – 4.00 mm.

Technical details


Providing thermal resistance up to 220°C,  YD 220 also possess the features of good resistance against dipping varnishes, casting resins, solvents and thermal shock performances.


Fields of Use:产品封面图.jpg

lRefractory transformer

lHermetic machine

lMotors of the power tool

lVoltage regulators

lVarious types of magnet-coils

lGeneral purpose electric motors




l All products parameters are recorded with quality control system at every stage of production process and following by barcode system until delivery.

lOur products receive approval with production parameters of quality control system according to standards of GB/T23312.7 2009, IEC60317-25, NEMA 35.


Thermal Class (°C)

Class C, 220 °C

Insulation | Base Coat


Insulation | Top Coat

Polyamide Imide

Insulation | Bong Coat


Production Range (MM) (MM)

0.20 - 4.00 mm

Certification I.E.C

IEC 60317 - 25

UL File No.

Class Temperature (°C)

220 °C

Heat Shock (°C)

240 °C

Cut Through Temperature (°C)

340 °C

Solderability (°C)

Non solderability

Bonding Temperature (°C)

Not Applicable

Re-softening Temperature (°C)

Not Applicable

Normal Solvent Resistance


Resistance to humidity


Resistance to Impregnants


Resistance to Refrigerants



Distinct Features

Better weight ratio compared to copper, price advantage, ease of winding

due to soft and flexible structure.


UL Certification
SGS Report
ISO9000 Certification