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6.0mm Enamelled Aluminum Wire

Model: Enamelled Copper Wires, Flat


Enameled rectangular wire is a type of winding wire made by oxygen-free Copper strip or electric Aluminium strip drew or rolled by certain dimension molds/dies and then enameled for many times. Among its high-tech winding-wire products.

Technical details


Enameled rectangular Wire is coated by the various enamel films on the bare conductor in accordance with customer’s specification. This important wire is used for winding coils for DC motors, transformers, generators, welding machines and other applications.


Size range

-Thickness a: 0.90mm---5.00mm

-Width b: 2.00mm---16.00mm

-Suggested ratio of thickness and width: 1.5                                           


IEC   60317-1-3



Specifications of rectangular enamelled copper wire

  • Flat wire thickness  : 0.80-5.60mm

  • Flat wire width             : 2.00-16.00mm

  • Width/thickness ratio   : 1.4<w/t<8.0

  • Conductor                    : enamelled copper wire

  • Standard                      : IEC 60317-16,60317-16/28,MW36 60317-29 BS6811, 

  •                                        MW18 60317-18 ,MW20 60317-47

  • Thermal Index              : 155°C, 180°C ,200°C

  • Range of insulation thickness:IEC60317-0-2 G1,0.06-0.11mm G2,0.12-0.17mm


  1. Excellent bending property

  2. High flexibility of the enamel

  3. Good resistance to abrasion

  4. High mechanical property

  5. Higher thermal property

  6. Good resistance to refrigerant and freon

  7. Suitable for windings that are subjected to constantly high temperature and mechanical stress

  8. Good chemical resistance

  9. Outstanding mechanical and chemical property



1) 120 degree flat enameled wire for oil-immersed transformer

2) 130,155,180 degree flat enameled wire are widely used in all kinds of magnet coil

3) 200 degree flat enameled wire works constantly in high temperature

It is mainly used for Transformer, Electric Motor, Generator and other electric devices.


UL Certification
SGS Report
ISO9000 Certification