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6.00mm diameter and 240 Class Enameled wire set to shine at the 2024 Cape Town International Exhibition in South Africa

  • 2024-03-22

(Shandong, Dezhou) - Shandong HuiLong Electrical Material Co., Ltd., a leading Chinese manufacturer of enameled round aluminum wire, is all set to travel thousands of miles to showcase its unique and high-temperature resistant product line at the upcoming International Exhibition on Electromagnetic Wire Technologies in Cape Town, South Africa in May 2024. 


This global event brings together top-notch electromagnetic wire technologies and products from around the world, where Shandong HuiLong will exhibit its cutting-edge application solutions for critical sectors like power transformers, small motors, and microwave oven transformers.

With years of accumulated technical expertise and continuous investment in R&D, the enameled round aluminum wire produced by Shandong HuiLong not only boasts exceptional heat resistance but also meets international first-class standards across electrical performance, mechanical properties, and environmental indicators. These wires have been widely adopted in core components of high-end equipment manufacturers worldwide. At this exhibition, the company will present an upgraded series of products, further enhancing China's competitiveness in the electromagnetic wire industry on the international stage.

We cordially invite industry peers, buyers, and partners to visit Shandong HuiLong's booth at the International Electromagnetic Wire Technology Exhibition in Cape Town to witness firsthand the superior quality and boundless potential of 'Made-in-China' enameled round aluminum wires.

For more information or to schedule a business meeting during the exhibition, please visit the company's official website or directly contact the sales department.